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The Kontent - Scott Nguyen
3 min readJan 5, 2023
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It’s tradition to reflect on all of the things I’ve learned for 2022 — all of the good, and bad, concepts, discoveries, and truths. I did one for 2021, and it was a long list (check it out if you want). I’ve looked back on the 2021 list and there were a lot of things I’ve doubled down on simply because I wanted it to compound or develop a bit more, and it has served me well. Like building other small habits or learning to build better relationships.

Here are some more things I’ve learned for 2022:

  1. You only start to enjoy things when you get good at them. Crazy thought huh? But it takes patience and consistency. Sometimes, people don’t even last long enough to get good at something so they dismiss it as something that wasn’t for them.

2. Any action is justifiable. You can convince yourself anything is good or bad. I’ve seen the best people make terrible decisions by justifying their actions.

3. People that say money isn’t the key to happiness say that until they don’t have it anymore. True for anything, it only matters when you recognize it’s missing i.e. health, security, friendships, etc.

4. Talking to yourself is an easy way to see if something makes sense or if it’s worth doing. It’s better if you change roles just so you can detach and see it from a different perspective.

5. Being wrong isn’t wrong, but being wrong consistently is.

6. Asking for advice is great but gets less helpful when more people are asked.

7. You’ll see people’s character when things are tough, but do not use it as a go-to in order to judge people. Too much stress on another person is never good.

8. just showing up will give you progress. It’s undeniable that the more times you do something, the more sufficient you’ll become at it. Choose something and stick with it for a few years and see what it can give you.

9. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. It’s this humbling realization that requires constant adaptation and improvement.

10. All relationships will serve a purpose — fun, educational, and meaningful. I use to think the best relationships were only the deep ones, but I came to see that all relationships serve a purpose and make life so much more enjoyable. Just because it’s not a deep and meaningful one, doesn’t you shouldn’t deny it. Don’t limit yourself if you have a chance to make different connections.

I’ve come to notice that these reflections directly correlate with actions and experiencing life. That’s precisely what I plan on doing in 2023.

Happy New Year everyone!




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