Is “showing up” enough?

Why a purpose?

Purpose is a game changer. Purpose defines the “why” in which allows us to make sense of what and why we are doing what we are doing. Purpose gives us meaning and calibrates the end goal for us. When you are doing something, do you have a purpose that aligns with that action? Basically your north star that gives you guidance.

Take it to the next level?

I do understand that being in a constant mode of purpose-driven mentality is tough, but the main key isn’t be at 110% at all times. What want to do is to turn our purpose into a habit, in which we no longer need to think about it, we can just put it on “autopilot”.

The bottom line

While I’ll always push for doing more than just showing up, it is much better to just show up than to not be there at all. When you’re not even there, there’s isn’t an attempt at progress. Even if you’re dead tired, the probability of you learning something or doing something is significantly higher than not showing up.



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