Mahalo Mondays #16: Transparent fish, Paul Anka, learning fallacy

Transparent sea life:

Much of our ocean has not been discovered. It’s been said that we know more about space than we know about the waters of planet earth. It always fascinates us whenever we discover a new type of marine life animal, and here’s one: the barreleye fish.

Favorite song of the year so far:

Fly me to the moon — Paul Anka. The song is a classic and has been covered by many artists. Paul Anka’s version is my favorite due to the mood it puts me in. It feels as like you’re with the love of your life and waltzing like it’s just you two in the universe.

Learning fallacy:

When you learn something from someone else, you adopt their ideas, concepts, and line of thinking. But if you don’t sit down to analyze and break down what you’ve learned, you’ll never start to think for yourself. You have to argue for it, against it, and generate your own ideas about it to truly “learn” it.



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