Mahalo Mondays #22: What is love?, commitment, Mariah Carey

Love is…

As with the case of Valentine’s every year, it got me thinking about love and what it means to me. My answer has been love is that blissful moment you feel whenever someone is genuinely happy. I’ve always felt best whenever someone else, especially people I care about, are happy. If I could help them get to their goal or accomplish a feat, there’d be no better feeling.


I’ve recently celebrated 5 years with my partner and it got me thinking about commitment in other aspects of my life. I noticed 2 important details about commitment: you can only commit to so many things in life and the most worthwhile things require a long-term commitment.

A case for top singer ever

Mariah Carey’s live vocals are incredible, especially when she was in her prime around the early 1990s to early 2000s. The amount of control and the sheer power she has easily placed her as one of the top, if not the top singer ever (my opinion of course).



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